Vine Finally Releases An Official App For The Windows Phone

Since its launch back in January, the popular video sharing app Vine has made a large stir in the social media community and in August it claimed to have over 40 million users. In fact, it has become so popular that several popular TV shows have included the app in segments of their shows including Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Show.

Up until now, the Vine community has been closed off strictly to iOS and Android users with no official support for Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices. As of this morning, the video-sharing giant launched an official app for Windows Phone users thus giving them access to all the same features as the iOS and Android versions plus some exclusive ones.

One feature limited strictly to the Windows Phone is the ability to pin a shortcut to your favorite Vine celebrities' profile right to the home screen of your device.

The latest update from the Vine Blog states:

“We love to see what each person contributes to Vine, and we’re excited to welcome Windows Phone users to the community.”

The app is available for download via the Windows Phone's app store and you can get more info from the source links below.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Vine, Vine Blog