Verizon’s Prepaid Wireless Plans Now Support Use With LTE Smartphones

A few months ago, Verizon debuted a new set of prepaid ALLSET wireless plans although it had one large downfall, a lack of any LTE support. The wireless giant has finally come to their senses and is now offering full use of LTE with options to bring your own 4G-capable Verizon phone or you can buy a brand new one through Verizon's website.

The ALLSET wireless plans now include the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Moto X. For those of you who don't need the latest and greatest and want to save some money, they are running discounts on the Galaxy S3/S4, Moto G, LG G2, and iPhone 4/4s.

The data limits within the ALLSET plans are still mediocre with the $45 a month plan offering unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data with rollover data available ($5 for 500MB extra, $10 for 1GB extra, $20 for 3GB extra).  Check out the source link below for more information.

Via: Engadget
Source: Verizon Wireless