Verizon Reintroduces Unlimited Data Plans For New & Existing Customers

While the feature of unlimited data used to be a norm for wireless customers, most of the major carriers transitioned to business models that relied on smaller data allocations besides in particular cases where customers were grandfathered in (AT&T) or through a special promotion (DirecTV/AT&T).

Fierce competition between carriers and companies like Sprint and T-Mobile offering unlimited data have forced a big player like Verizon to adapt to the market conditions which in this case meant reintroducing the coveted unlimited data back into their offerings.

From a cost standpoint, Verizon Unlimited will be sold for $80/month for single smartphone or tablet plans and $45/month for four lines (requires electronic billing with Autopay) with availability being pushed out to new and existing customers starting today. The standard S, M, L, XL, and XXL tiers will be unaffected and still available for all customers.

Like competing carriers who offer unlimited data, the “unlimited” portion is questionable as Verizon will begin to throttle customers who abuse the data network by exceeding 22GB of data usage in a single billing period.

For those looking to add data to their smartwatch or other connected devices, you can do so for an extra $5/month.

Via: MacRumors