T-Mobile was the first US carrier to announced the Q10's availability to its subscribers, but Verizon is not far behind. They began taking pre-orders for the Q10 yesterday via their website. Unlike T-Mobile whom offered the device for $100 down and a 2-year payment plan, Verizon priced the smartphone at $200 with a 2-year service commitment, but also gave the option to buy it flat-out for a steep $599 price tag.

Verizon is offering the Q10 in two color options, black and white. The black version is most commonly seen in reference to the Q10, but the white version was leaked  at a recent BlackBerry event and is expected to stay exclusive to the Verizon carrier. Pre-orders are now being taken for both models, but they will not begin shipping until June 6th.

You can pre-order your own BlackBerry Q10 on Verizon by visiting this link.

Via: Engadget
Source: Verizon