It seems an individual approach on cloud storage is becoming a primary focus with popular tech companies. Verizon is the latest to jump into the cloud market, unveiling their new backup service ‘Verizon Cloud'. Competing with the likes of iCloud, Dropbox, and Box, Verizon Cloud is geared traditionally for backing up your phone's files in the event you need to replace your existing phone on their network. To put it more simply, Verizon Cloud will backup your media libraries, call logs, contacts, and messages on a daily basis and store them on their servers for future retrieval if needed. The service officially launched today with an Android app release, but the service does have a few significant catches.

First off, it is currently only offered for Android & Windows phones, with an iOS deployment expected in the near future. Secondly, the service offers a disappointing amount of free storage for each Verizon customer. Only 500MB of storage available free of charge, which means most people would be required to pay an additional monthly fee for enough storage space to adequately cover their phone's content. For what it's worth, the pricing is fairly reasonable at $3 for 25GB and $10 for 125GB, but an added fee on top of an already high monthly bill does not seem too appealing, especially when iCloud is offering iOS users a free 5GB of storage.


 Android users should check out the Verizon Cloud app for themselves, free storage is free storage. For us iOS users, I see no reason to be ditching the iCloud service anytime soon.

Via: Engadget
Source: Verizon Cloud, Google Play, Verizon