Verizon Has Increased Pre-Paid ‘Allset’ Data Plans As Of Today

As the mobile market shifts away from a traditional plan with long-term commitments, carriers are doing all they can to maintain a competitive edge to keep existing subscribers and win over new customers. Starting today, Verizon's pre-paid Allset plans will get a significant boost in data caps on all future and existing plans with an even bigger benefit to those who are actively enrolled in auto-pay.

For example, the $45 per month plan initially allocated 1GB of data and this is now bumped up 3GB if you are a subscriber with auto-pay enabled. If you are simply paying month to month without auto-enrollment, the data cap will be limited to 2GB. Their more expensive $60 plan previously offered 3GB of cellular data for each billing period although that has now been bumped up to a hefty 6GB. Once again, if you are not enrolled in auto-pay, this will drop 1GB leaving you with only 5GB of data.


Source: Verizon