Verizon Announces New Plan Pricing, Features & 30% More Data

A report was released just yesterday saying that Verizon was on the verge of increasing the cost of their wireless plans in exchange for providing more data. It wasn't until today that Verizon officially commented on the matter and unveiled a revamped pricing structure and new features to their existing plans.

The new plans from the article yesterday were correct and are as follows:

  • S Plan – $35/month for 2GB (previously $30 for 1GB)
  • M Plan – $50/month for 4GB (previously $45 for 3GB)
  • L Plan – $70/month for 8GB (previously $60 for 6GB)
  • XL Plan – $90/month for 16GB (previously $80 for 12GB)
  • XXL Plan – $110/month for 24GB (previously $100 for 18GB)

As for the new features, Verizon has adopted a one-month rollover of data called the Carryover Data program. This method takes any unused data from the previous month and allows it to be allocated to the following month's data cap. However, the leftover data from one month only stays in storage for a 30-day period (then becomes replaced by the following month's leftovers) and will not continue to pool up throughout the year like with T-Mobile's Data Stash program.

Another rumor from last week that has been proven to be true was the Safety Mode which when activated will keep users from incurring overage charges and drops data speeds to 3G when data caps are surpassed. This Safety Mode feature is enabled for free on XL and XXL plans but costs an additional $5 per month on the S, M and L plans.

Existing customers will need to opt-in to these new rates and features starting on July 7th. Those who want to stay on the old, cheaper plans with less data can do so although they will miss out on the use of the Carryover Data and Safety Mode features until they adopt the new pricing structure.

During this press announcement, Verizon stated the ‘My Verizon' app would soon launch with a new redesign making it easier to manage your account and pay bills.

Via: Engadget