Ubisoft Pushes Out Free 1.6 Content Update For ‘The Division’

While The Division had some bumps to work out post-launch, Ubisoft has since refined the gaming experience and has set their sights on producing new, updated content for the title. The company has announced a new free 1.6 update which will add three new Dark Zone areas.

Within these areas, they will be offering new ‘Contamination' events which include tougher opponents and dwindling health even when not engaged in direct combat. Alongside the launch of the new Dark Zones will be leaderboards for tracking progress and standings within them.

As for the traditional campaign within The Division, Ubisoft will be upping the bar and adding new ‘Legendary' skill level to three of the missions: Napalm Production Suite, Times Square, and WarrenGate Power Plant. This game mode will only be suitable for veteran players as the AI has received a total overhaul to make the missions incredibly difficult to complete although additional players through cooperative play will make this an easier feat.

Basic tweaks have been made to the gear sets including a weakening of the role of armor meaning health and stamina have a more dramatic effect. The skill system has been revamped to include more variety, and changes to the in-game store offer a new currency and more vast selection of in-game loot up for purchase.

For a more in-depth look at what the 1.6 update entails, visit the release post on The Division website.

Via: Engadget
Source: Ubisoft