UberPool Pairs Strangers Together To Split Ride Costs

The era of relying on a taxi to get around most major cities is over as ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have become the newest trend in transportation. Uber's mobile app already offers the ability to schedule a pickup in your location of choice and even share the fare among multiple people within your group, but what if you are alone and don't want to have to front the ride cost by yourself?

Uber has just announced their beta of UberPool, a service that will pair customers on similar routes or destinations in the same vehicle in order to reduce the cost of the trip for each party. The app will handing this pairing automatically and will give you an indication of who will be picked up first. It also will tell you the name of the person whom you'll be sharing the ride with in the hopes to take some of the awkwardness out of sharing a ride with a complete stranger.

One of the best features about UberPool (at least in the beta stage, this may change) is that it will cut your fee in half regardless of whether it locates someone with a similar route/destination or not. This means you could potentially be paying 50% of the regular price without the need to share a ride with anyone else.

Keep in mind, UberPool is currently still in a close beta period although the company is expected to open this beta to more participants come August 15th. If you live in a major city and haven't tested out Uber yet, visit this link and create an account in order to get a free $30 credit for future rides!

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Uber