The Typo 2 iPhone Keyboard Is Here, Can It Avoid Another BlackBerry Lawsuit?

Back in December of last year, the tech world buzzed with news of the Typo, a rather unique keyboard case that was heavily funded by American Idol host and media superstar Ryan Seacrest. However, this product was quickly overshadowed by a lawsuit from BlackBerry who claimed the original Typo keyboard cloned their signature physical keyboard design.

Nearly 7 months later, the Typo 2 has just been announced offering a similar experience to the first generation model although it now harnesses a few more features like a key for locking your device, a built-in backlight, and an integrated LED battery indicator for giving you a real-time idea of how much juice is left in your case.

It is too early to determine whether or not the company will be another target of yet a BlackBerry lawsuit, but the design is eerily familiar to the original Typo so it is likely possibility from my perspective. The Typo 2 will not ship until sometime next month, but anyone looking to pre-order the $99 case can now do so via their website.

Source: Typo 2 Website