Twitter Users Leak Unconfirmed iPhone 6 Parts With Larger Screen

Apple hasn't had the best luck when it comes to keeping their new models from leaking to the public before their release. As you might have guessed, this time it is their highly anticipated iPhone 6 since multiple photos have surfaced on Twitter today that claim to shown off the confidential device.

A Twitter user by the name of mornray886 has tweeted 10 difference photos of the device with the caption “iphone 6”. The mornray886 account is interesting as it seems to have been created today just to post the photos since it has the default egg profile photo, only 10 tweets, only follows 1 account, and has 135 followers which are all likely a result of posting the leaked images.

Shortly after mornray886 leaked the first photos, another Twitter user named Sonny Dickson started leaking very similar photos of the supposed iPhone 6 parts. Unlike mornray886, Sonny is an avid Twitter user with over 5K tweets and 12.8K followers. Engadget is reporting that he received these photos from a source in China.

It is too hard to determine whether these photos are the real deal, but there is part of me that believes they could be. There have been rumors circulating the past few weeks which state Apple plans to release 2 larger iPhone variations next Fall so these photos would support this claim. The photos show the supposed iPhone 6 shells which do resemble an iPhone 5/5s, but clearly show a wider screen with an edge-to-edge display.

Via: Engadget
Sources: Mornray886 (Twitter)SonnyDickson (Twitter)