Twitch Experiences Data Breach, Resets All User Passwords

Twitch has become a massive success with millions of viewers visiting the platform to watch their favorite professional gamers stream each month and had gained enough attention to have Amazon purchase it for $970M.

Unfortunately, they have just discovered a potential data breach that could have exposed some sensitive information to an intruder. Anyone with an account registered to the service should have received the following email earlier this morning:


While this data breach didn't expose any credit card information, things like your email, IP address, name, phone number, address, and DOB can still be dangerous in the wrong hands. Fortunately, Twitch was on top of this breach and took action as soon as they were aware of the issue.

If you have an account, I'd suggest logging into your account and creating a new password sooner rather than later. As a precaution, I would also change your email/social media passwords if they were the same as the password to your Twitch account.

Via: Engadget
Source: Twitch