Tripwire Interactive Announces Zombie Killing Sequel ‘Killing Floor 2’ (Video)

Before Call Of Duty: World At War debuted their famous “Nazi Zombies” mode and brought zombie survival games into the mainstream, Tripwire Interactive had launched their own version entitled Killing Floor which was initially a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004The game received excellent reception that convinced the developers to make their own standalone retail version that was released on the Steam platform in May of 2009. In February 2012, Tripwire stated the Killing Floor retail version had sold over 1M copies to date thus reinforcing how popular the title has become with PC gamers.

Just a few days ago, Tripwire took to YouTube and uploaded a teaser trailer for their upcoming sequel entitled Killing Floor 2. While the trailer is brief and doesn't give much away in terms what will be different, PC Gamer held an exclusive interview with Tripwire President John Gibson to get more details on the upcoming sequel.

Here is a summary of what Gibson had to say:

  • A revamped gore system dubbed “MEAT” (Massive Evisceration and Trauma) includes 95 unique death animations and 19 body points of dismemberment
  • The game will modify game textures in real-time to add blood and carnage within the surrounding environment in a whole new way
  • A new ranking system will be in place which allows players the chance to choose between two skills every five levels gained
  • Four different game difficulties will be offered, each level will make the zeds (the name for zombie enemies) more aggressive and powerful with new abilities at the higher levels
  • Tripwire plans to support Steam Workshop as well release an SDK for modders
  • The game will be released for both the PC and SteamOS

There is no ETA on when the game will be available, but you can check out the source links below for more the full interview.

Via: JoyStiq
Source: PC Gamer, YouTube