Traditional Shopping Pains May Be Revolutionized Through ‘Amazon Go’

While many consumers have made the switch to online retailers as opposed to buying material goods at brick and mortar stores, the vast majority are still buying their everyday items like groceries, toiletries, or household items locally. Buying online takes a lot of the stress out of shopping with no lines to wait in, registers to cause problems or unfriendly cashiers to deal with.

Amazon has just announced a new initiative that could revolutionize the way we shop in-person. Amazon Go is a whole new store environment that utilizes advanced technologies to allow you to shop freely without the annoyances of a traditional physical retailer.

The advanced technology lets you scan your Amazon account via their mobile app upon entering the store, freely browse the aisles and pick up any item you wish to buy. When you do so, it will automatically be added to your cart. Change your mind? Put the item back, and it will be removed without you having to do a thing.

When you are ready to stop, simply walk out the door, and the Amazon mobile app will total up all your items and charge your account. No lines, no hassles.

This technology has been in the works for years and the first 1,800 sqft Amazon Go location has been implemented in Seattle, Washington.

As of right now, the store is only open to Amazon employees for further testing although you can sign up for notifications to get more details about the public opening which is planned for early 2017.

Via: YouTube (Amazon)
Source: Amazon