Tracer Comes To ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Today As Pre-Order Bonus

One of Blizzard's newest titles, Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA that is quickly gaining popularity among gamers and within the esports community. The company has done an excellent job adding frequent updates with new maps, playable heroes, skins and balance changes to keep the gameplay exciting and enticing gamers to continually logging into the nexus.

Blizzard's newest title Overwatch is an FPS much like Team Fortress 2, but with their own unique twists and character choices. For the first time, Heroes of the Storm has officially added a playable Overwatch hero to the Nexus by the name of Tracer. Much like her Overwatch persona, Tracer is designed to be a high mobility/attack speed,¬†low damage assassin. This makes her less of a “hero killer” but a real asset when trying to finish off low-health opponents, access critical map objectives quickly and generally harass/troll the enemy team.

I won't go too much into her abilities within this article, but you can see her full hero trailer of which I've embedded below. Unlike all the over heroes, Tracer has her heroic ability unlocked at level 1, yet you can alter its characteristics at level 10 to further boost its effectiveness.

While Tracer is currently in the Nexus and available for play, you will only be granted access if you pre-ordered Overwatch at its $59.99 pre-order price through Blizzard's online store. Otherwise, you'll have to wait like everyone else for her official release next Tuesday.