‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Delayed Until 2015

At last year's E3, Ubisoft revealed their open-world shooter entitled Tom Clancy's The Division. The next-gen title looked very promising and appeared to put an innovative spin on the game mechanics of a traditional shooter. At that time, Ubisoft had planned a release by “late 2014”.

In typical Ubisoft fashion, we have now learned this release date has been pushed back until a “2015” launch date. This comes at no surprise to most gamers as the publisher notably pushed back their popular open-world Watch Dogs title at the last-minute at the end of last year. It's initial release date was planned to coincide with the next-gen console launch dates although it has recently been confirmed for a May 27th release.

The three Ubisoft studios responsible for the developing The Division are Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, and Red Storm (who is notable for developing Rainbow Six). According to JoyStiq, a Ubisoft Massive employee was rumored to call The Division's 2014 launch date “laughable” and stated the game development was barely underway.

According to Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot, the delayed title will get more details released at this year's E3 so stay tuned for more details. Those of you who like to stay ahead of the game can still head over to Amazon and pre-order The Division regardless of its delayed release.

Source: JoyStiq