T-Mobile is the latest carrier to offer the iPhone 5 to its US customers. You may remember a few weeks back, the company decided to make a change to their overall business model. Due to this, customers will now be able to get the the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile for only $99 down and 24 payments of $20 per month. You also have the option to pay in full for the T-Mobile iPhone 5 up front  for a hefty price of $579.99. The devices are available for pre-order right away, but will not ship until April 12th.

Keep in mind though this price tag seems very high in comparison to the $199  that AT&T or Verizon charges, you do not have to lock yourself into a 2 year commitment like you would with these competing carriers. Their new model offers your first line for $50 a month which includes unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of high-speed data. If you want to increase your data you can pay an additional $10 extra to up the monthly data limit to 2 GB or $20 for unlimited data. Adding a 2nd line will cost you only $30 additional dollars for the base plan and adding a third or more line will only cost $10 per line.

Get more info on the T-Mobile iPhone 5 or preorder your own iPhone 5 for T-Mobile from through their online store.

Source: TechCrunch