T-Mobile Changes Jump Plan To Allow Anytime Upgrades

T-Mobile made an unexpected switch to a no-contract business model last year and the switch has been proven to be a successful move for the wireless carrier. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Jump program, T-Mobile subscribers can get their hands on a device of choice with no money down although tied into a two-year payment plan for the device's cost. Originally, the Jump plan offered users the ability to switch devices every six months with a maximum of 2 times per year thus allowing users the chance to upgrade their device after only paying a quarter of the device's total price.

As of February 23rd, T-Mobile is removing the twice a year upgrade cap and allowing subscribers the ability to upgrade anytime they please without any restrictions. However, this does come with a large catch as the carrier will now only allow upgrades after half of the device's price is paid. While some users will likely be satisfied to hear the twice a year upgrade cap has been removed, it ultimately means you have to dish out 50% more money before being eligible to make your next upgrade.

This type of switch is put in place to make sure the carrier does not receive a loss on smartphone sales. Anyone who is currently enrolled in the Jump plan will be grandfathered into the old terms and have the option to switch to the new terms if they wish.

Via: Engadget
Source: T-Mobile