New ‘Tile Slim’ Bluetooth Tracker Is As Thick As Two Credit Cards

A few years back, the original Tile debuted and gave us a glimpse into the tracking potential that Bluetooth technology was capable of. While the first generation was a success overall, there were many gripes from users including the size as they wanted to throw it in a wallet or on a laptop or mobile device without it adding much noticeable bulk.

To combat this, a new Tile Slim model has been announced which offers the same performance while slimming down to be as thick as just two credit cards.


The only downfall to this new design is that they no longer have a circular cutout for attaching to a key ring or lanyard, something many users took advantage of with the last iteration.

The battery is still non-removable with an expected life of 12-months, so you'll need to take advantage of the discounted “reTile” program to replace any depleted units.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Tile Slim can now do so for $30 each or buy a four pack for $100.

Via: MacRumors