‘Tile Mate’ Is A Smaller, Next Generation Of The Popular Bluetooth Tracker

When the original Tile first hit the scene back via a crowdfunding campaign back in July of 2013, the Bluetooth tracker became a sensation among consumers. A second iteration of the Tile debuted last September bringing new features and tweaks while maintaining the same form-factor. The company says that they have sold an impressive 6M Tile units to date.

Fast forward thirteen months later and the company has just unveiled their latest generation, the Tile Mate. With a new redesign, the Tile Mate is 25% smaller than the Tile Original and is designed for use locating keys, luggage, camera, backpacks, remotes and other items.

This is not to be mistaken with their new Tile Slim which instead harnesses a larger footprint and no keychain hole, but is thin enough to couple with a wallet, purse, passport, mobile or other items where an ultra-slim profile is necessary.


Both the Tile Mate and Tile Slim harness a simple aesthetic that showcases a clean, minimal design with a smooth, matte feel that pair nicely with virtually any item you wish to track.

Priced at $25 for a single unit, the Tile Mate is also available in a discounted four-pack for just $70. For anyone interested in picking up a Tile Mate and Tile Slim, they are also offering a four-pack (two of each variant) for just $90.

Pre-orders are available through Amazon with an official release date of Wednesday, October 12th (tomorrow). We have been provided with both a Tile Slim and Tile Mate for evaluation purposes so stay tuned for a full review that will go live in the coming weeks.

Via: Tile