Some Tidal Users Have Received Personal ‘Thank You’ Calls From Jay Z

A few weeks ago, Jay Z officially launched his TIDAL music streaming service with the premise of stealing market share away from competitors like Spotify and Rdio. The official press event made news as many popular artists including Madonna, Rihanna, Usher, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Deadmau5 all showed overwhelming support for the service and its future.

Having only been available for a few short weeks, the opinions and reviews of the service thus far have been mixed. While TIDAL's base $9.99/month premium subscription rivals that of its competitors, the higher-end $19.99 per month is still being viewed as overpriced likely due to the fact that most consumers do not own the necessary, high-end audio equipment to notice clearly the resulting difference in quality.

We are in the process of evaluating the service for ourselves (a review is coming in the next few weeks), but until then there is one more unique incentive that might be convincing enough to try out the service. Several media outlets including Business Insider are reporting that the Brooklyn-born rapper and TIDAL owner is taking the time to make personal calls to random users of the service to thank them for their business.

While the chances of actually getting a call of the H.O.V.A himself are rather slim, it is pretty cool to see an owner be this hands-on with his business and make any effort to reach out to customers on at a personal level.

Source: Business Insider