The ASUS PadFone Has Been Confirmed For A U.S. Launch In 2014

As a company, ASUS has held a unique strategy of adding small additions to their current line of products and steadily letting them evolve out of their present capabilities into something even more incredible. Today, the company's CEO Jerry Shen announced that their revolutionary PadFone product (based on a phone-to tablet concept) will be making its way to the U.S. sometime during the 2nd quarter of next year.

This may prove to be a potential game changer in the phone and tablet market and chance the future of the industry as we know it.  First revealed back in 2011 at Computex, the PadFone is finally making a big step toward being globally recognized for its innovative design and features.

Based in Taiwan, ASUS has played it safe over the years however the company will be a huge step forward based on their current sales figures with 10,000+ units of the PadFone and 200+ units of the original Infinity (A80) being sold daily in Taiwan alone. Putting forth a team of more than 300 Android engineers to increase user experience, the company has ultimately decided it was time to take it to the mainstream and expand the product's reach. The new PadFone Infinity is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, UAE and the majority of Europe (not including the UK and Spain) as of today.

Photo Credit & Source: Engadget