Tesla Unveils Innovative Solar Roof Tiles & The $5.5K ‘Powerwall 2’

Yesterday, Musk held a Tesla press event in Universal Studios LA where he unveiled two new eye-catching products from Tesla that hope to bring a new focus on renewable energy and its implementations.


Powerwall 2

The first is the Powerwall 2, a second generation version of their original Powerwall that uses a similar design with double the storage capacity and now features a built-in power inverter.

For this unfamiliar with the Powerwall concept, it is a battery storage solution designed for homes and small businesses that harness energy taken from the sun to deliver clean and reliable electricity when you need it.

Priced at $5,500, the Powerwall 2 isn't the cheapest investment especially when you factor in the cost of installation, supporting hardware, taxes, fees and permitting costs.

Solar Roof

An even bigger announcement happen yesterday with the official unveiling of Tesla's innovative Solar Roof panels which mimic the look traditional roof tiles made from durable tempered glass which is said to last “two or three times” as long as a traditional asphalt roof tile. There are different four styles expected to be offered such as Tuscan, Slate, Textured, and Smooth.


The solar cells themselves are hidden from view but are still able to absorb the sun's energy with high efficiency. While there are a lot of variables that will depict whether the solar roof launches as expected (primarily the pending acquisition of Solar City by Tesla), the planned launch date for initial Solar Roof installations will be summer 2017.

Exact pricing isn't available yet although Musk stated it would be a lower cost than a traditional roof when you take into consideration of projected utility bill savings.

Source: Tesla