Teaser Photo Shows Off A New X-Mount Camera From Fujifilm

Fujifilm has struggled to keep up with the big names in the photography industry such as Canon or Nikon, but it isn't stopping them from producing new models to try to gain marketshare. The teaser image was posted on the Fujifilm-X website and depicts a new X-mount camera that harnesses a similar design concept to the X-Pro1, but clearly shows an extra dial dedicated to manually adjusting the ISO as well as a few obvious cosmetic changes.

Could this give the Nikon Df a run for its money? It is far too early to determine, mainly because the official specifications have yet to be announced. Rumor on the street is this new X-Mount will be packing a weather-sealed body. If it's true, it could be a determining factor for many consumers.

We will continue to give updates on this product so expect a follow-up article on January 28th.

Via: Engadget
Source: Fujifilm-X