New TCL 50″ 4K TV Announced, Will Retail For Under $1000

A short while back, Seiki announced their 50″ 4K TV which broke new boundaries for 4K TV models across the board. This time it is another competing TV manufacturer by the name of TCL (aka The Creative Life) who has released 4K TV model geared for the average consumer's budget. With its retail price set for $999 this model will be significantly more enticing for consumers instead of shelling out extra dough for the Seiki 50″ 4K TV which is currently selling on Amazon for $1,108. Unfortunately, TCL is not offering a cheaper, smaller sized model like Seiki whom also sells a 39″ 4K TV model for $699.

Why can this TCL model be sold so cheap when more well-known models such as Sony, Sharp, LG, or Samsung 4K models cost several thousand dollars more? Well the TCL 50″ 4K TV model does not have the same certifications like THX and does not include the SMART TV functionality. The TCL model does in fact include built-in upscaler that will take your current HD content and convert it to 4K resolution. TLC stated this model will not be released until sometime this August so stay tuned for more information.

You can get more details and specifications from the source link below.

Via: Gizmodo
Source: TCL