TAG Heuer Teases New Smartwatch Unveil On March 14th

When a company like TAG Heuer released their first model running AndroidWear, it was a big step for the smartwatch industry as they were the first traditional luxury watchmaker to embrace this new technology.

Pricing for the original model starts at $1.5K, so these models certainly aren't cheap. It remains suitable for someone who values the brand name just as much as the capabilities and fans of TAG Heuer watches are already expecting this type of price-point.

The company is on the verge of announcing a new successor which is expected to run AndroidWear 2.0 at release. According to a teaser photo from TAG Heuer's tweet this morning, the official unveiling is planned for Tuesday, March 14th.

No further information like specs or pricing are known, and the teaser image doesn't give much insight as to what it will look like, but we should know a lot more come Tuesday night.

Via: Engadget
Source: Twitter (TAG Heuer)