SwiftKey For Android Changes To A Freemium Model With Paid Keyboard Themes

Apple's WWDC 2014 keynote unveiled many innovative features for the newest iOS 8 operating system with one of them being support for third-party keyboards. Android users have been experiencing this luxury for quite some time with popular third-party keyboard apps like SwiftKey leading the charge. To give you an idea of how large of an influence SwiftKey has made, the company's keyboard software has been installed on over 200 million devices although only 6 million of these users have paid the $3.99 initial price.

Since this third-party keyboard support is no longer an Android advantage, SwiftKey has made a bold decision to switch up their business model from a $3.99 app price to a freemium model which will now charge users for in-app purchases of new keyboard designs and potentially additional features down the road.

SwiftKey stands by this decision as they claim additional keyboard styles were the most requested feature from their previous customers. They also think they have the keyboard technology mastered and want to refocus on profiting from the designs and appearance of this keyboard.

It just goes to show you an Apple announcement can affect far more than the iOS market and a large business model change like this one is a scary yet interesting move from the people at SwiftKey. As for SwiftKey's plans to create an iOS 8 version of their Android keyboard, many will be happy to hear they have already begun coding it and you can expect it to be available shortly after the release of iOS 8.

Source: The Verge