Survival Game Based On ‘Friday The 13th’ Franchise Is Finally Out

Co-op based survival horror games are one of the newest video game genres to increase in popularity thanks to the entertainment factor provided by streamers on Twitch or YouTube creators.

Up until just a few days ago, Dead By Daylight was one of the most popular horror survival titles on Twitch having just under 2M players to date. While this title was released and remains in Steam's ‘early access' section, it quickly became a fan favorite for the first few months although its player participation is slowly dwindling.

A large group or streamers who primarily played Dead By Daylight have now made the switch to the new Friday the 13th game which just had its public release on Friday.

If you aren't familiar with the popular horror movie franchise, the story revolves around a mentally deranged killer named Jason who sports a hockey mask and terrorizes a camp site at Crystal Lake where he formerly drowned in his past life due to the negligence of his camp counselors.

The video game is based on the same storyline with one player becoming Jason with a sole objective to kill the remaining campers and their counselors. Gameplay for the survivors includes scavenging the campground for items and working together to accomplish tasks (which vary by map) yet include elements like notifying the police of Jason's presence or escaping by driving a boat or car away.

Unlike Dead By Daylight, the Friday the 13th game is available on more than just PC with traditional console support on the PS4 and Xbox One. The title went through a brief closed beta period and had launched as a full release priced at $39.99 for digital purchase and $59.99 for a physical copy.

Source: Twitter, Steam