Strategy Game ‘Civilization VI’ Comes To iPad For $30

The popular strategy game Civilization franchise has been around since 1991 and grown a massive following over the years. While the full title has been commonly released for PC and Mac, Aspyr Media has released Civilization VI in its entirety for the Apple's iPad. Since it doesn't come with limitations you'd usually see in a mobile game, the title will only run on the latest Apple tablets as of the iPad Air 2 or later.

You get to play the first 60 turns of the title for free, but you'll need to dish out $30 during the launch sale to unlock the full title. While this may seem like a lot of money for an iPad app, you have to remember it isn't a toned down or condensed version of the game and you'll get the same experience as you would on a PC or Mac just in a more portable, touchscreen form-factor.

Once the launch promotion ends (January 4th), the price will double so buy it now if you are looking to score the iPad experience at a steep discount.

Via: Engadget
Source: App Store