State Of Decay Hits A Million Units In Sales, DLC Planned For Later This Month

A few months back, we covered a story on how an indie Xbox Live title called State of Decay sold a whopping 250,000 units in the first 48 hours of its release. Fast forward four months and developer Undead Labs has just broke a new milestone surpassing a million units in sales spread across Xbox Live Arcade and Steam Early Access.

Sometime within the next few weeks, the developer expected to release their first expansion pack Breakdown which has already been submitted to Microsoft for “pre-certification testing”. If things go smoothly and the Microsoft results come back positive, Undead says they will be submitting the final copy by the end of next week.

Undead Labs Founder, Jeff Strain had this to say:

“As we’ve said before, we like to be transparent about our plans, but things could change. Our test team could turn up some huge game-screwing design flaw next week. We might make a mistake in the packaging format and fail certification. The government shutdown could close down the internetz. Anything could happen.

But, assuming no catastrophes, we plan on getting Breakdown into your hands by the end of October.”

It is looking like promising news for any State Of Decay fans who are looking to get their hands on some fresh game content for the zombie thriller. Additionally, the State of Decay title is expected to exit their Steam Early Access beta (PC) by the end of this year which is great news for PC gamers who want enjoy this title in its final form.

Via: Joystiq
Source: Undead Labs[2]