Sprint Announces Plans To Launch A Galaxy S4 ‘Spark Edition’

Select Sprint devices are already running on their premium Spark data service however the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 has yet to be included therefore forcing S4 owners to cope with standard LTE speeds. However, this is due to change as Sprint unveiled a new Samsung Galaxy S4 that is capable of harnesses the new Spark technology.

What is the downfall of this announcement? Those interested in utilizing the Spark service will need to upgrade to a different Galaxy S4 device as the original S4 does not have hardware capable of harnessing the tri-band wireless technology. Worst of all, the 16GB S4 “Spark Edition” will be sold at $200 when it launches in the near future. This is $100 more than the standard GS4 which is currently being sold for $100 on-contract. Since the Spark technology is only available in select cities, you'll likely want to confirm you live in one of these locations before making any purchase decisions related to the Spark Edition GS4.

Via: Engadget
Source: Sprint