Spotify To Include Pink Floyd’s Entire Back Catalog In The Near Future

It was becoming a common trend for many big musicians, bands, and artists to keep their music from being streamed or downloaded online, but this trend is slowly shifting. Back in early December of last year, Metallica decided to go through with a streaming deal with Spotify and now it looks like the legendary band Pink Floyd is planning to follow suit.

They had the following announcement on their Twitter account last night:

Pink Floyd has decided to offer a challenge to Spotify in which users will need to stream their hit song “Wish You Were Here” over 1 million times to unlock the full catalogue of songs by the band. With many diehard Pink Floyd fans utilizing the popular music streaming service, I don't expect this 1 million milestone to take very long.

This action on part of the band could mean dire times for the music industry as it seems the only money to be made nowadays is in live tours and digital downloads/streaming. On the other hand, it is a step in the right direction for the Spotify streaming service as their music library is becoming larger as time goes on which surely will draw in more customers.

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Via: Engadget
Source: SpotifyTwitter