‘South Park’ Inks Exclusive Deal With Hulu, Full Seasons Now Available For Streaming

Anyone who wants to catch up on full seasons of South Park are now able to do so via free streaming on Hulu. That's right, the hit Comedy Central series has reached an exclusive agreement with Hulu which means they now offer all 17 seasons (select episodes are missing due to licensing issues) and new episodes will be added the day after they air. While streaming South Park episodes is free for any user on a PC or Mac, you'll need to verify your age due to the show's mature content and anyone looking to stream these episodes on mobile devices will need to sign up for a paid subscription to Hulu Plus.

This is a big score for Hulu as most of these exclusive deals have been going to the competing video-streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. The decision to offer all 17 seasons for free streaming is a nice surprise as typically the content from these exclusive deals tend to be accessible only from a paid subscription. To browse and access the full South Park library on Hulu, click here.

Via: Engadget
Source: South Park Studios, Hulu