Sony To Offer 12GB PlayStation 3 Via Their US Online Store For $199

Even though the PS4 is only a few short months away from release, Sony has just added a budget-friendly PS3 model to their US Online Store. Priced at $199, this PS3 model features only 12GB of internal memory, but the nice part about this memory change is that it is now flash-based so there are no moving parts to worry about. This is good news for those of you who always wanted a PS3, but didn't want to spend the $250+ to get one.


At this time, the 12GB PS3 model is only available through Sony's online store, but sources say that other retailers such as Walmart will be carrying the budget console in the near future. If you want more information or have the wish to order the 12GB PlayStation 3 immediately, checkout the source link below.

Photo Credit: Nic Walker
Via: Engadget
Source: Sony