Check Out Sony’s Epic 4K TV Commercial Filmed On A Volcano (Video)

It's not often that an technology advertisement which impresses me to the extent that Sony did with this masterpiece. The commercial was produced to promote their new 55 and 65-inch X9 4K televisions that boast picture quality that is four times mored detailed when compared to 1080p.

The commercial contains a volcano in Costa Rica that's filled with 8 million colored flower petals which eventually erupts onto the mountain village below. They chose 8 million petals since Sony's new 4K screens contain a whopping 8 million pixels within their advanced panels.

It is obvious that a ton of detail was put into the creation of this ad and rightfully so considering the 4K models they are promoting have been announced in the UK at a cost of £4,000 and £6,000 respectively.

The interesting detail about this video which was posted on YouTube is that it was shot in 4K with Sony's F55 and F65 cameras although it was only uploaded in 1080P even though YouTube supports 4K resolutions. Regardless, you can checkout the brief behind the scenes video of how they shot this stunning advertisement below:

Via: TheNextWeb
Source: YouTube