Sony Beats PS4 Sales Predictions, Has Already Sold Over 7M Consoles & 20.5M PS4 Games

The next-gen console battle has been fierce thus far with both Microsoft and Sony pushing their new product heavily within their marketing and promotional efforts. It seems to have paid off heavily for Sony as their sales figures have already surpassed their predictions having sold over 7 million PS4 consoles worldwide in over 72 countries. These 7 million PS4 owners have accounted for the sale of over 20.5 million PS4 game titles when you take into consideration brick-and-mortar sales coupled with digital downloads. The PS4's “Share” button has already been used by gamers a whopping 135 million times as an easy way to share unique or interesting gameplay with friends.

We are still waiting on updated sales figures from Microsoft regarding their Xbox One console. In the meantime, PS4 owners will be able to get access to a huge update in the near future which will include things like support for external drives and the ability to turn off HDCP.

Via: Engadget
Source: SonyPlayStation Blog
Photo Credit: Jon Fingas