Sony Announces Updated a6500 and RX100 Mark V Camera Models

We are now living in a world of technology that moves so quickly that current product models are being replaced at what we used to consider as mid-cycle. It first started with smartphones and tablets with new generations coming in anywhere from 10-12 months, but this trend has quickly moved into the camera world as well.

Sony a6500

Sony released their new a6300 this past February of 2016, and it has been a top-seller as there aren't any APS-C competitors that can match its specs for under $1K. Just eight months later, Sony has dethroned the a6300 as its flagship APS-C model and crowned their new a6500 the APS-C king with a price-point of $1,399 (body only).

On paper, the specs match the a6300 quite closely although there are few significant advantages. First off, Sony has finally added a touchscreen to the back LCD allowing users to quickly change settings on the fly as well as choose a focus point easier. This was a highly requested feature due to the praise of the touchscreens on Canon and Panasonic competitors, so we are glad to see it coming over to the Sony line.

Also, the a6500 has incorporated the 5-axis internal image stabilization to the camera body meaning you will be able to capture smoother handheld video and crisper low-light stills even without a lens that has OSS. Since these two features are rather difficult to incorporate, I think the $400 difference in price is justifiable from a company standpoint although I do not believe that it devalues the a6300 who remains the top contender at its price point.

If you think you would benefit from these two features enough to make up for the $400 difference, then you might want to snag an a6500. Otherwise, buy an a6300 and save yourself some cash to invest in lenses, audio, lighting or other associated gear. The a6500 will be available for pre-order via B&H Photo starting this Sunday, October 9th at 11 AM EST.

Sony RX100 V

The RX100 IV debuted just over a year ago, and it still reigns as the best pocket camera we have ever tested. Alongside the a6500 announcement, Sony announced an updated RX100 V which specs-wise seems to be a comparable camera with a few performance tweaks.

Most notably is an overhaul of the autofocusing system as it now harnesses the first on-sensor phase detection AF system with a 1″ sensor camera. With 315 phase-detection points that cover 65% of the sensor, AF speed and accuracy has vastly improved.

With an enhanced image processing capacity and response, the RX100 V is also capable of achieving 20MP stills up to 24 frames per second, a notable bump up from last year's model which capped out at 16 fps.

Pricing will match the previous model's launch price of $998, and pre-orders will begin through B&H Photo on Monday, October 10th at 11 AM EST.

Via: B&H Photo