If you're not familiar with Songza, let me give you a quick rundown. Songza offers a mobile application and web service that is a direct competitor to Spotify and Pandora. It offers unlimited music streaming, free of charge, with no limits or annoying advertisements (they do utilize display advertising). Unlike competitors, the Songza service attempts to match music to your particular mood, such as playlists for working, cooking, relaxing, entertaining, etc.

Today, the service introduced Songza 3.0 which includes a fully revamped interface, better search functionality, and simpler navigation. The interface is much cleaner and contains new colors, they also removed the navigation bar from the bottom of the screen. On the backend, the app is redesigned to produced a more intelligent and better performing music engine. They added gestures like shaking and long presses to bring your music to you faster and more efficiently. The search functionality now has more intelligent way of placing your favorite artist's songs into your play-lists so that you'll be hearing familiar songs more often.

One of the coolest new features is the fully integrated Audyssey support, which provides you with higher and more clear audio quality without raising your mobile data usage. The Songza update is available free of charge via the App Store.