Songbot’s iOS App Offers On-Demand Music Streaming Without The Monthly Fee

2014-05-20_10-18-17A new music streaming app has recently hit the iOS App Store with a revolutionary new concept that differs greatly from traditional services like Pandora, Spotify, or Rdio. Songbot offers on-demand music streaming without any monthly fees although there is an up-front price of $4.99 to download the app (it is currently free if you act quick enough).

Songbot's mechanics were thought up and built by seasoned app developer, Allen Wong, who is most notable for producing two popular iOS apps: 5-0 Radio and Police Scanner+. The idea behind Songbot is free music streaming as the application scans over 90,000 individual AM/FM/Internet radio stations to find the song you wish to hear then let's you start listening immediately. Like I stated earlier, the app has absolutely no monthly fees and better yet, there isn't any advertisements between songs like most free music streaming apps.

The interface is sleek and initiative with built-in functionality to view a list of “popular” songs that others are streaming. What's the catch you may be wondering? There are two major differences between a premium service like Spotify vs. Songbot's unique offering. The first downfall is the library list is smaller as one of the 90,000 radio stations must be playing your song of choice at the exact time you search in order to be able to stream it. There is no issue when searching popular songs especially of today's generation, but looking up a lesser-known artist may cause some difficulty.

The second downfall is you cannot choose where you start the song from as it grabs whatever location in the song in which the radio station is playing at that time. For example, if you look up a popular song and 50 stations are currently playing it then you should be able to find one that is close to the beginning of the song whereas a lesser-known song may only have 1 or 2 stations to choose from and there's a chance you'll only be able to start streaming the song half-way through or just before the song is over.

I'm sure some people will still rather pay the $9.99/month for Spotify, Rdio, or another premium music service and I can't blame you as I plan to continue my Spotify subscription despite this app's release. However, Songbot has great potential to challenge the market and offer competition against the major music streaming services which in return could potentially drive prices down for the rest of us. I applaud Wong's execution of an excellent idea and hope to see more big things from his app development company Rego Apps in the future.

You can download the Songbot application via the iOS App Store by visiting this link.