Snapchat Update Adds New Filters, Message Replays, and Data Overlays

There's been plenty of buzz around Snapchat's decline of Facebook's $3 Billion dollar acquisition offer and Instagram's recent backlash by adding video/photo share features. Many people have described it as the worst acquisition refusal to happen in the tech world, while others state that Snapchat would remain unscathed by the ordeal and will proceed forward due to the app's large user-base. This past weekend, Snapchat pushed out an update to their popular platform which added an extensive list of features that not all users may agree with.

Here is the significant changes included in the app update:

Visual Filters
Much like Instagram, you can now add in filters which will change the coloring on your photos and give them a cool, artistic effect. As of now there are 3 visual filters with two being color and one being a simple black & white.

Smart Filters
Being a new concept for photo sharing apps, Snapchat can now allow you to shoot photos and capture data from which the photo was taken. For example, there is now a time overlay which displays the current time each photo was taken, a temperature gauge to display what the current temperature is in your location at the time of the photo, and an over-the-top MPH gauge to display how fast you are traveling while taking the photo (although this doesn't seem the very safe).

Front Facing Flash
A cool feature now implemented within Snapchat is the “front facing flash” functionality. Since there isn't a traditional LED flash unit like there is on the back of most smartphones, Snapchat uses the front screen to light up bright and illuminate your face properly when attempting to take low-lit “selfies”.

New Helvetica Font
If you want to switch out the boring stock font to a sleeker Helvitica font, you can now do this by checking off the text entry box twice when typing out a message.

Replay Option
This is the most significant change to the photo sharing app as you can now send snaps that can be viewed once per day. This is totally different than the view once and it is gone forever mentality that the app gained its success by so this feature may not be well received. However, you have the option to opt-out of this functionality so it does not affect all users.

Up To 7 Best Friends
Snapchat initially only displayed your 3 “best friends”, but now you have the option to display up to 7. While it doesn't seem like all that important to the occasional Snapchatter, some power users may like this option.

Snapchat and its future updates will prove to be quite interesting to follow in the extended future. Many believe the app could use a good amount of improvements in its UI, but would it ultimately take away from its beauty of concept and strategy?  Snapchat still proves to be a fun app that caters to a wide range of users and is still running strong within the app community. Over the next few weeks, we'll see what kind of reaction the new features will generate among Snapchat faithfuls.

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