Snapchat Dives Into The Hardware Market With ‘Spectacles’

Snapchat made major headlines when they turned down a massive $3B buyout, and many in the tech world thought it was a fatal mistake.

Fast forward a few years, Snapchat is valued at an estimated 22M and remains a top contender in the social media world with more than 150M daily active users, surpassing Twitter by 15M.

At only 26, CEO Evan Spiegel has just unveiled their first hardware product under the new name company, Snap Inc. The concept is called ‘Spectacles' and is a pair of wearable eyeglasses with an integrated camera that allows you to share a new viewpoint for Snapchat content.

Harnessing an 115-degree field of view, this opens up a whole new perspective that mimics that of the human eye. With an expected price-point of $129.99, a pair of Spectacles packs wireless charging, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with multiple color variations offered.

These glasses will be in limited distribution and not a primary means of driving revenue, but it could result in more future hardware from Snap Inc. depending on the success of an initial concept such as this.

There is no current information on a release date or pre-order information, but we will update when these details become available.

Via: WSJ
Source: Spectacles