SmallHD Unveils A New 702 Bright HD Field Monitor

SmallHD unveiled their feature-packed 502 HD field monitor back at NAB, and the model has been popular among professionals due to its high-quality panel and reasonable price-point. Since then, SmallHD has added further to their 500 series with a cheaper, SDI-less 501 HD model as well as the sidefinder attachment.

For those interested in harnessing a larger display than the 501/502 offers, SmallHD has just announced their 702 Bright HD field monitor. This model utilizes the same great design and build quality as the 500 series coupled with their highly customizable page-based software interface yet it harnesses a 7-inch, 1000 NIT display perfect for viewing in even the brightest of sunlight.

The new 702 Bright HD will retail for $1,499, a reasonable price-point given the size, resolution, brightness and advanced monitoring features that are brought to the table. Pre-orders are now being taken on their website, but orders will not ship until October 12th.

Source: SmallHD