SmallHD Debuts Two New 700 Series Field Monitors

When SmallHD announced their 702 Bright field monitor, many in the professional video world were impressed at its high-end specs at only a $1500 price-point. However, there were plenty of filmmakers with a lower budget who only wished they could make a cheaper alternative that might not offer all the bells and whistles of the 702. Fortunately, SmallHD has done just that announcing two new models to their 700 Series line of monitors earlier today.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.54.24 PM

These ‘Lite' models will offer a cheaper 720P panel versus the Full HD 1080P display used in the 702 Bright as well as a max brightness of only 450 nits. Additionally, the 701 lacks any SDI ports or cross conversion similar to that of their smaller sibling, the 501HD. You'll still get SDI support with the 702 Lite, but it doesn't utilize the same optically bonded anti-reflective glass protection or a Stereo Out in addition to its inferior display panel.

Those interested in pre-ordering the 701 or 702 Lite can do so via B&H Photo although they aren't expected to ship until March 10th.