SmallHD Debuts The ‘501’, A Cheaper 1080P HD Field Monitor

A few months back, SmallHD announced a new 5-inch 1080P display for NAB dubbed the 502. While this product offered impressive on-paper specs, some were disappointed at its $1200 price-point considering several 1080P monitor/recorder options had also debuted at NAB for comparable or better price-points.

Fortunately, SmallHD has just announced their 501, a little brother to the 502 with a more feasible cost in exchange for a few stripped features. For many users, this is a minor step down from its higher-end sibling, and it will offer some serious bang for your buck at the significantly discounted price of $899.

What is the main difference between the 501 and 502? The 501 loses all SDI connections thus leaving the HDMI as the only options and meaning it also loses the ability to cross convert like its more premium sibling. Other than that, you still get access to all the great features like 3D LUTs, focus assist, false color, zebras and it will continue to support the upcoming sidefinder attachment just like the 502.


SmallHD's decision to release a cheaper model in the 500 Series is a step in the right direction for the consumer market and will make it easier for the “average joe” to afford a stellar field monitor like this. If you are shooting on a DSLR or mirrorless body and have been in the market for a 1080P monitor, the 501HD is hard to beat when it comes to overall value on the dollar.

Source: SmallHD