Sling TV Changes Pricing Structure To Beat DirecTV Now’s Pricing

When DISH initially announced a no-contract live TV streaming service called Sling TV, we knew it would be the future of television even if it took a few years to catch on with consumers.

As the market shifts and more households are cutting the cord, Sling TV is performing well with a healthy user-base and continually working on new content deals to add even more value to the service.

However, their fellow satellite competitor, DirecTV released their DirecTV Now service a few months back which directly competes with Sling TV and offered more channels for the price at launch.

Earlier today, Sling posted a blog which outlined a new pricing structure that gives consumers more channels at a cheaper rate and even undercuts DirecTV Now by a considerable margin.

The general pricing structure remains the same with Sling Orange ($20), Sling Blue ($25) or Sling Orange/Blue bundle ($40), but the add-on channel packs are where the savings comes into play.

Before, you had to individually add on extra channel packs for $5 each and their most popular ‘kids extras', ‘comedy plus extra', ‘news extras' and ‘lifestyle plus extra' packs would have cost you an additional $20/month on top of price of the base Sling plan that you purchase (Orange, Blue or the bundle).

As of today, Sling introduced a new ‘4 Extras Deal' which includes the four channel packs listed above which include 35 more channels for a 50% discount bringing the total rate to $10/month extra.

Via: Sling