Skype Now Offers Free Group Video Calling To Compete With Google Hangouts

xboxone1Google's free “Hangouts”service is giving Skype a run for its money which is giving the pioneer of mainstream video chatting a big enough of a motive to change their structure. Prior to today, Skype has required a premium subscription in order to engage in a multi-person video chat although this is no longer the case.

Skype has now granted free group video calling access to anyone using the service on a desktop or Xbox One console. These platforms are the starting point with Microsoft stating their the free group video calls will be extended to more platforms “in the near future”.

This change has also caused Skype to temporarily remove their Premium subscription in order to “refresh” it which you can see by the revamped Skype Premium page below:


Visit the source link below to see the official announcement from the Skype team.

Via: Engadget
Source: Skype