The Highly Advanced Skully AR-1 Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Once in awhile, an unknown startup will enter the market with a product that simply blows you away. The Skully AR-1 is one of those situations as their Android-powered motorcycle helmet is truly a stroke of genius.

The helmet's innovative features include an integrated heads-up display with GPS, a wide-angle rearview camera, hands-free calling, and Bluetooth music streaming. With the AR-1's sleek design and a lightweight build, it is astonishing to see all these high-tech features packed into what appears to be a standard motorcycle helmet from the outside.


Credit: Gizmodo

Skully has officially began offering the AR-1 through crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo and after just a day and a half, the campaign has already raised $880,000 with the original 30-day goal set at only $250,000.  Not only does it look badass, but it is one of the first products in a while that will actually make operating a motorcycle safer for the rider.

While I don't personally own a motorcycle, it doesn't surprise me to see the motorcycle community is already accepting this revolutionary product with open arms and many riders have already chosen to drop $1,399 for the pre-order price tag. The first batch of units won't ship until May 2015, but there is great incentive to pre-ordering this early as you'll be able to save anywhere from $100-$349 (biggest savings are from the 2-pack promo price). The final price at launch will bump up to $1,499 so be prepared to pay more for the longer you wait.

Check out the source links below for more details or to learn how you can pre-order your own Skully AR-1.

Source: Indiegogo, Skully Systems