Sharp’s 8K AQUOS TVs Will Begin Selling In Q4 2017

While many consumers still haven't jumped into buying a 4K TV just yet, Sharp has just announced their plans to release a consumer-ready 8K television as soon as this December in China and Japan. Now Sharp has been showing off their 8K panel technology as early as 2015, but those models weren't practical for consumer use with initial prices topping $100,000.

The 8K AQUOS model will offer a 70-inch screen with the full 8K resolution (7,860 x 4,320) which is a staggering 16 times the 1080P FHD most consumers are accustomed to. Beyond its resolution, this model will be compatible with both Dolby Vision HDR and BDA-HDR.

This news may be disheartening for someone who just purchased a 4K TV and thinks it already is being replaced, but I can assure you don't need to worry. First off, this 70″ Sharp 8K model is going to be sold initially in China and Japan (at least to start) only with an estimated cost of 1M Yen or approximately $9K (USD).

More importantly, as you already know native 4K content is scarce with some streamable through Amazon or Netflix yet no cable or satellite provider is offering more than a single channel of native 4K programming. Jumping to 8K, the amount of content is even slimmer, and the tech world needs to fully finish its adoption of 4K as a standard before we need to worry about upgrading to 8K.

Via: The Verge
Source: Sharp