SanDisk Is Now Selling A 512GB SDXC Card For $800


Data storage used to be a large issue for the consumer world, but we are finally catching up as technology advances. With the recent announcement of Seagate's 8TB HDDs, the storage world's boundaries are being pushed to the limit and new strides are being made across the board. In the mobile storage market, the demand for high capacity memory cards is higher than ever thanks to the rise of consumer camera models that can capture 4K video or 20+ MP still images.

SanDisk has realized the need for these high-end memory cards and is now selling a 512GB SDXC card for a whopping $800 price tag. These new cards boast a writing speed up to 95MB/s which is more than adequate for capturing clean 4K video footage. While this card won't fit within the average consumer's budget, it will likely be adopted as the card of choice by amateur and professional film production teams.

Should the 512GB of storage or the $800 price tag be simply too much for your needs, SanDisk also offers their Extreme Pro cards in 128GB and 256GB variants.

Via: Engadget
Source: SanDisk (1)(2)