Samsung’s TouchWiz Design Rumored To Be Getting An Overhaul

Samsung is set to unveil the newest installment in their flagship Galaxy line, the Galaxy S5 within the next couple months as rumors are circulating which point to a March or April release. The latest from @evleaks shows some images of Samsung's UI change as it seems as if they're heading towards a “card” and “tile” layout, similar to Google Now and Windows Phone 8 user interface.


From the looks of these images, the layout implies that the “cards” or “tiles” will be able to be scrolled vertically. In the sample photo, you can see cards to control the temperature of your home, your workouts, traveling information, purchases and even a voice activated search button in the first card. The new UI isn't as minimal as Google Now, but is more exciting than the Windows Phone's tiles.

We will have to wait until March at Samsung's Unpacked event to get the final word if this will officially be their new home screen or potentially accessible through a swiping gesture.

Via: Engadget
Source: EVLeaks